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Light Flash

A large selection of Flash Kit from Briese to Profoto. If the light tool that you require for your shoot is not listed please tell us, and we will find it for you.


Briese Focus 44

The smallest reflector in the Focus range the Briese 44 is a great unit for beauty.


Mola Euro

At a diameter of 85cm it offers a larger and softer light source than the Pro Beauty Dish


Pro Light Shaping

A kit for controlling light and pushing contrast. For the Standard Zoom reflector. Each kit contains a 4 leaf barn door, 3 different grids, and a snoot.


Briese Fresnelspot

A flash source with a Fresnel lens gives good output and great ‘Briese’ light quality. Strong light with deep shadows.


Pro 8A Air Pack

The Profoto 8a offers improved recycle times and flash duration. The output power can be adjusted over a full 10 f-stop range, from 5 Ws up to 2400 Ws in increments of 1/10 f-stops.