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Briese Flash. Amazing light quality.

There is nothing that performs or looks like Briese kit. Briese reflectors are designed and engineered for the production of best light quality.

The Focus Reflector range is sized from 44cm to 330cm. For different looks the lamp can be focused with a patented positioning system. The light is crisp and brilliant, and renders amazing shapness in detail. For a soft look diffusers can be fitted and we rent honeycombs for fine light control.


Briese Focus 44

The smallest reflector in the Focus range the Briese 44 is a great unit for beauty.


Briese Fresnelspot

A flash source with a Fresnel lens gives good output and great ‘Briese’ light quality. Strong light with deep shadows.


Briese Flash Pack

Choose between Briese and Profoto Packs.