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Flash Generator for Briese light Shaping tools.

Briese flash packs offer best output and the fastest recycle times on the market. They are designed for the professional photographer. Reliability, consistent colour temperature and multi voltage operation make them a first choice.
We also offer Profoto kit adapted especially for Briese reflectors.
Battery options also available.


Yellow Cube 800i
Power 800Ws
Input voltage 90-260 V
Weight 7.8kg
Dimensions 21×21x27cm
Recylce time (230V/50 Hz) 0.37s

Yellow Cube 1600i
Power 1600Ws
Weight 9kg
Dimensions 21×21x27cm
Recylce time (230V/50 Hz) 0.48s

Yellow Cube 2400i
Power 2400Ws
Weight 9.8kg
Dimensions 21×21x27cm
Recylce time (230V/50 Hz) 0.87s

Yellow Cube 6000i
Power 6000Ws
Weight 18.8kg
Dimensions 30×21x40cm
Recylce time (230V/50 Hz) 1.7s