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Profoto have set the benchmark with the Pro 8 Air flash generator.


Mola Euro

At a diameter of 85cm it offers a larger and softer light source than the Pro Beauty Dish


Pro Light Shaping

A kit for controlling light and pushing contrast. For the Standard Zoom reflector. Each kit contains a 4 leaf barn door, 3 different grids, and a snoot.


Pro 8A Air Pack

The Profoto 8a offers improved recycle times and flash duration. The output power can be adjusted over a full 10 f-stop range, from 5 Ws up to 2400 Ws in increments of 1/10 f-stops.


Pro Telezoom

Even illumination and high light output add to the versatility of this new unit. The Tele Zoom Reflector produces f/90.3 at 2 meters with a 2400 W/s pack.