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Pro-8a 2400 Air

The 8A pack from Profoto offers improved recycle times and flash duration over the previous model. The output power can be adjusted over a full 10 f-stop range, from 5 Ws up to 2400 Ws in increments of 1/10 f-stops.

Fast recycling time 0.05–0.9 sec
Up to 20 flashes per second
Ultra short flash duration 1/12.000 s
10 f-stop power range
High colour stability, ± 50° K over energy range 5.0 – 10.0
Energy stability ± 1/50 f-stop flash-to-flash
Wireless sync and control with the Profoto Air system
Automatic self seeking multi-voltage world wide
Designed for usage directly with petrol generator
Compatible with all current Proheads
PiPE (Pre ignition Plasma Establishing)