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Sola has an exhaustive supply of lighting equipment available to cater for the most demanding of shoots. Our lighting kit is split into Continuous and Flash sections and includes Briese, Arri, Kino-flo and Profoto equipment.



Briese Light

The Focus 77 is great for beauty and hair work, where a small source needs to be worked close to the camera or model. This light works great with or without diffusion.

You can rent briese kits either in FLASH or CONTINUOUS light.


Arri Fresnel 2500W

Requiring only a 13 amp supply the Arri Compact 2500 Fresnel is a versatile film and video location basic.


Scrim Jim 6’ x 4’

1/4 Stop China Silk
3/4 Stop China Silk
Silver/White Reflector
Gold/White Reflector
Flat Black Fabric


Arri Pocket Par

A small and efficient unit 125W/200W/400W with battery options.



The C Stand is an industry basic. It is a robust stand that is suited for lighter loads and has limitless application.


Light Control

Flags & Net, Frames & Overhead, Scrim Jim, California Sun Bounce and Poly & Shiny Board.