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Light Continuous

A range of continuous lighting including the complete Briese Focus range, Arri fresnels and Kino Flo fluorescent lighting.


Arri M18 Par 1800W

The compact M18 has very quickly become a popular rental unit and produces 70% more light than a traditional 1200W Arri Par.


Briese Focus 100

The Focus 100 is a great all round unit that is small enough to fit into most locations. With a 2500W HMI bubble output is equivalent to a conventional 4000W system and is a fraction of the weight. A useful tool for low loader work.


Kino Flo

Fluorescent soft-light fixtures which are simple to use and have the advantage of low power consumption. Daylight or tungsten.


Arri Fresnel 2500W

Requiring only a 13 amp supply the Arri Compact 2500 Fresnel is a versatile film and video location basic.


Kino Celeb


Joker Bug

Compact daylight fixture 200W/400W/800W