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Briese Lichttechnik Focus Reflectors

The Focus Reflectors are truly magic kit. Low weight, high output and amazing light quality make these reflectors unique. Our units operate in either daylight, tungsten or flash.

With the help of a clever cooling system the lamp sits inside a carefully designed reflector. The resulting light, reflected from a brilliant silver coating, is simply beautiful.

The story does not stop there. The unit can be focused by changing the position of the lamp within the reflector. Operation is similar to a Fresnel, but the results, you will discover, are far more spectacular.


Briese Focus 180

At six feet in diameter the Focus 180 is a great workhorse for motion and still photography.


Briese Downlight

The Briese Downlight has exceptional light output relative to power and weight.
The light angle is narrow and has the appearance of a beam of light.
A good option for high speed motion photography.


Briese Focus 77

The Focus 77 is great for beauty and hair work, where a small source needs to be worked close to the camera or model.