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Arri Daylight (HMI/MSR Lamp Type)

Unlike an incandescent light source, where a resistive filament is used to create light, a daylight (HMI/MSR) lamp produces light from an arc (a continuous low voltage/high amperage spark). The light colour is controlled by gas mixture within the lamp, and in the instance of daylight simulation, a mixture of mercury vapour and metal halides render the light to a colour of 5500-6000 kelvin.
HMI/MSR lamps offer extremely high luminous efficiency and are cooler running than their tungsten equivalent.

HMI = Hydrargyrum Medium-Arc Iodide
MSR = Medium Source Rare Earth


Arri Pocket Par

A small and efficient unit 125W/200W/400W with battery options.


Arri M18 Par 1800W

The compact M18 has very quickly become a popular rental unit and produces 70% more light than a traditional 1200W Arri Par.


Arri 1000Htz Ballast

The new 1000htz 2500/4000W high speed ballast gives greater flexibility with camera frame rates.


Arri Fresnel 2500W

Requiring only a 13 amp supply the Arri Compact 2500 Fresnel is a versatile film and video location basic.