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New from Arri : Arri 1000htz Ballast

1000 Hz High Speed Ballast Daylight

To create good slow motion images the camera needs to be set to a high frame rate, however light intensity is seen to fluctuate when the alternating current is also captured in slow motion, switching on and off 50 times a second (50htz). Flicker issues are more likely to occur when the frame rate is high and not a devisable of the mains supply frequency.
With the new 1000 Hz High Speed Ballasts it is easy to achieve high quality flicker free images even at frame rates of 1000 fps and in many cases beyond. This new technology supplies the lamp with a 1000 Hz square wave current allowing stress free slow motion shoots.


The high output of the M40 combined with a Arri 1000hz high frequency ballast makes an excellent option for slow motion photography