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The high output of the M40 combined with a Arri 1000hz high frequency ballast makes an excellent option for slow motion photography

Arri M40 Par 4000W Daylight

With Arri ‘Lens-Less-Max-Technology’ the new M series lamps enjoy the benefits of a Par and a Fresnel. Without the inconvenience having to swap-out hot lenses and increased light output the revolutionary new Arri PAR reflector can be focused, like a fresnel-lens lamp, from 18-52°. The open-face reflector is less harsh than a fresnel lens and produces a crisp shadow. Combining this unit with one of our Arri 1000Hz High Frequency Ballasts makes the M40 a good option for slow motion shooting.


New from Arri : Arri 1000htz Ballast

Arri M40 Specification-
Lens-Less-Max Technology
Around 30% brighter than ARRISUN 40/25
Same size as ARRISUN 40/25 but over 3kg lighter
Compensation for Cable Loss (CCL)
Cross Cooling allows safe operation at extreme tilt angles
Weather resistant IP23 rating
Reflector Type Multi-faceted paraboloidal-ellipsoidal
Lamp Type HMI 2500W or 4000W
Lamp Base G38
Correlated Color Temperature: 6000K
Lens Diameter 300mm
Barn Door Size 413mm
Weight _. kg
Filter Insertion Size 400mm
Mounting: Spigot 28mm
Protection Class IP 23